What Our Clients Say About Us

"You were a huge help!  You knew the answers to my questions and you made it all very easy."

-- Candidate for State Representative


"Probably the best money I have spent during my entire campaign."

-- Candidate for Circuit Court Judge

"Your help has been wonderful; I can't imagine attempting this without you."

-- Treasurer for State Representative campaign

"I'm happy to tell anyone what great work you do."

--State Senator

"Let me use this chance to thank you for your superb assistance!"

-- Campaign Treasurer

"Retaining you gave me confidence and a feeling of reassurance.  I so appreciate your help."

-- State Representative

"I often work with Brett to assist his clients with meeting the requirements of the Campaign Finance Act.  Brett is a wonderful advocate for his clients.  His approach is honest and straightforward. He has a deep knowledge of the law and the elections process in Michigan.  I would recommend CFS to anyone seeking state or local office or considering registering a PAC, Party or Ballot Question Committee."

-- Disclosure Division Director, MI Bureau of Elections

"Thanks for all your help!  You provide an extremely valuable service to campaigns."

 --Campaign Consultant

"Thank you - you have made what was the scariest part of running for office virtually effortless and have made me feel comfortable."

-- Candidate for State Representative