Campaign Finance Services is a professional service which assists candidates, officeholders and political organizations in Michigan to comply with campaign finance laws.


Campaign finance laws are becoming increasingly complex.  To comply with those laws and prevent innocent mistakes from becoming political issues, it makes sense to retain a professional compliance management service to protect your personal and political reputation. 


Retaining Campaign Finance Services also frees you to concentrate on winning your election rather than being distracted with filing requirements during critical points of the campaign.


Since 2003 Campaign Finance Services has served the needs of candidates, political action committees and other political  organizations throughout Michigan by offering a spectrum of services tailored to meet each client's needs.  


Whether you are a first-time candidate for local office or an established organization with thousands of contributors, Campaign Finance Services has the knowledge and experience to help you.  


Please feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation.  I would be happy to work with you to assess your organization's needs and to develop a campaign finance compliance system customized to address your particular circumstances.  


Best wishes,


Brett J. McRae


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